deals2 pack of portable tripod folding chairs w…


If these are the same ones from a couple months ago, dont waste your money.

Says 230lbs weight capacity. Well, a 195lbs male sat on one on the 4th of July and one started cracking at the circular plastic piece (half way up the legs). He leaned forward and looked down to see what the cracking noise was, and pop, he was on his butt. Just like the other sale, it was a 2 pack. Not really sure I would trust using the other one myself, so it sits in the garage's junk corner.

Maybe if you sit in them and dont move at all, and only use them in the grass and not on concrete, they will do fine.


I have a nice folding chair ... i want a folding foot stool for when i'm out and about ... these will do the trick nicely


I had the same experience desynergy, but weighed even less. Piece of crap.