dealsnight sky star projector - not an led flashlight…


I went for it, my daughter will either love this or hate it.. hoping for love it when it gets here but it's only 8 dollars so.. why not?


GPCT LED Night Sky Projector (Choice of Blue, Pink)

Who would want pink stars?...oooohhh now I see...


In for one. Should go quite well with my sons space/robot themed room. I've had a dud product before from Dailysteals but they were also very quick to refund my money so extra points on customer service. I blame the product, not the provider. I feel confortable ordering from them again.


$1 less at Meritline, in black: (I don't know that this one has the USB function they mention, but it looks the same.)

I have one from Meritline and I LOOOOVE it. But I need to find an adapter, it goes through a set of batteries in less than one night (using it as a nightlight).