dealsapple macbook 13.3" laptop for $459.99


Anyone have an opinion on this bad boy? Good deal?


@cac53 Well, it's an older Mac, not a very big hard-drive and will be kind of heavy for such a small machine. That being said, it's still a good Mac, and SHOULD work for many years more. The fact that it's "Factory Re-certified" tells me that it had some issues though...But, at least this thing has Firewire, which Apple has all but phased out in favor of Thunderbolt. Snow Leopard will probably be the most recent OS that you can run on this, as I don't believe it can handle Lion or Mountain Lion. Hope this helps.


The MC240* Can run Mountain Lion according to Wikipedia.
Comes with Snow Leopard so to upgrade is $19.99

A new battery would be $129

Puts the total at $608.98 (if you have to replace the battery) You could also upgrade the RAM and Hard Drive

You can pickup a refurbished MacBook Air 11.6" from Apple for $679.00 and 13.3" for $799.00

Food for though.


My girlfriend's Mac is very similar to this model spec wise (I believe it's identical but I don't want to say for certain) and it runs Mountain Lion without a hitch.
That having been said, I don't think you get enough computer for the money, especially given that it's recertified. Unless you REALLY want a Mac and are locked into this price point, there are PCs that offer better specs for the price. The previously mentioned Air might be a better choice for those looking for a Mac.