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It says "Highlights" from the soundtrack. Should I read meaning into that, or is it the full soundtrack?


@megnanimous: It is NOT the full soundtrack, just the main songs you'd expect.


Can anybody point me in the direction of the FULL soundtrack for the movie?


It's lame that there is no complete cast recording. There has been little information as to whether there will be. However, most of the songs I would want are included in this, and it's worth it for me to buy this and then add whatever songs I want later, should they be released.

But seriously, no Who Am I? What's With That?


You can get the complete cast recording from the Broadway show at :

You'll enjoy it a lot more than a small # of select songs and you'll feel like you're sitting in the theater with the actors and actresses that truly bring this book to life. Enjoy


Just a note that, because this whole thing is sung (according to reports, anyway), a "complete" soundtrack would run about 2 1/2 hours. That's not to excuse any important omissions, but it might be worth noting.


@mschauber: I have the Complete Symphonic, and I didn't expect the soundtrack to be as thorough as the CS is... but there are some pretty huge omissions. . . no Lovely Ladies, no Who Am I?, no reprise of Look Down. . . there's just a LOT missing. And while I love the Complete Symphonic recording as well as the original Broadway Cast recording, hardcore mt fans like different recordings of songs. (I have, um, 5 versions of Gypsy).

That being said, having heard what's available, I'm not terribly impressed. And Russell Crowe sounds . . . um, well, maybe it's best the complete soundtrack isn't available.


@curli76: I made no comment about the soundtrack. I was simply sharing with people who may know this book mainly b/c of the various movie versions that have been made, that the complete cast recording was available.

I downloaded this soundtrack b/c I had $10 in mp3 credits that I'd probably never use. I haven't listened yet, but I have no doubt I will be disappointed after seeing the show live 25 times on Broadway. I saw enough discrepansies from the book in the movie's commercial, that I have no plan to watch it until it's on HBO, which will probably be within a couple of months anyway.


Ok, I've now listened to the entire soundtrack. Russell and Isabelle show real feeling and understanding of their characters and do them great justice. Very enjoyable to listen to and you can truly feel what they are singing. Hugh and Anne, on the other hand seem to have about as much emotion and feeling as they'd have if they were singing about the weather. I can't speak for the acting as I didn't go to any of the screenings I was invited to, but from a soundtracks perspective, they are a huge disappointment.


@mschauber: Calling actors you probably don't know by their first names + bragging about how many times you've seen the show on Broadway + bragging about how many screenings you were invited to that you didn't go to + playing the "I don't really care about the music, but I had free credits so I got the cast recording" card = you are a super important person and I wouldn't dare try to continue this conversation with you.

And the idea that people aren't aware that there's a Broadway cast recording? Les Miserables is only one of the most mainstream, well-known Broadway shows ever. . .but please, assume that the readers of this site are completely uncultured neanderthals.


@curli76: Clearly you know an awful lot about being a neanderthal, so I wouldn't dare argue with you. And since you can read my mind, know what I was thinking, and can so cleaverly put my thoughts into words, there's no need for further discussion.

Jerks will be jerks; glad you're being yourself.


@mschauber: You know, the best part about TYPING things to post is the fact that you can review what you wrote and correct mistakes, and the burning passion of your words do NOT go away if you take the few extra seconds to proofread. I was quite enjoying your tête-à-tête with ah, "curli76," and then...


How awful. It's as if you want to lose your point. Educated? Please. Where force cannot be applied, one must take every pain to be the most skillful speaker. Your paltry comeback has, unfortunately…well, it was a bit anemic to begin with, and this has killed it better than if someone made you eat pure sodium. (I take back everything, of course, if English happens to be a secondary language, in which case, very nicely done - but the misspelling still tragically deflates your balloon.)


Oh, and by the way, if Les Mis was meant to be enjoyed for the sound alone, there would be an incredibly popular audio version, no? Instead, there is a movie version, meant to be SEEN. Do not judge a movie by sound alone. There are people putting private, raw emotion onto permanent record (even if they are professionals). Watch (yes, I beg you, watch) Fantine/Hathaway as she sings “I dreamed a dream,” and tell me after that she sings without emotion. Yes, visuals give bias. But that’s why it’s a movie, is that not so? I realize that you’ve been attacked about this first, but honestly…you gave an opinion on a subject you had no experience of (the movie, not Les Mis itself). You can’t possibly expect to victimize yourself in that situation.

As a fellow mathematician myself (ha ha), kudos to you, curli76.