dealsreciprocating saw w/ rotating handle - for $19.99


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I'd be afraid to use a saw like this for $20


@skione: We've all got to be afraid of something.


@skione: I used this exact saw (bought it last week) to demo my bathroom this weekend and it worked fantastically.

Oddly Chicago Electric makes some good stuff.


I got one of these a year or two ago and coming from a family of Milwaukee tool owners I was surprised how well this tool works. I have no complaints so far and if it burns out in another couple years I wont care since it was only 20 bucks.


Just made my first purchase from HF a couple weeks ago and am so far very happy with the quality.

I get their coupons in the mail and they're great but a real pain to enter them all in when you're shopping for a bunch of tools. You have to enter a 10 digit coupon for every item that you add to your cart and I was buying about 30 items :/


I've owned one of these for about a year and it works great - make sure to get the blades instore(if you're near one) as well - several mixed blades for wood/metal in a pack cheap(I think they were around $7). Totally worth it!


I have this saw.
It is decent.
I flattened a tree stump with it.
I like the adjustable handle.

Don't go cheap on the blades though.


I love Harbor Freight! That said, I would not buy any of their power tools. I've been burned by Chicago Electric more than once. They will die quickly. Sears has a 6 amp Craftsman reciprocation saw I bought on sale for $25 and it has lasted me several years so far.


I clicked on the comments expecting to see people complaining about the quality of tool from a discount retailer and sure enough....wait, what, most everybody is pleased with it?


Had one of these for 4+ years. Works well enough. Probably put 200 hours on it and still going strong. I've dropped it of a deck build a couple times, been rained on, etc...
Do buy proper blades from a hardware store. Pretty sure I paid $17 for mine.
The downsides are:
-The brake on this is no existent. You let off the trigger and the blade slows to a stop instead of braking quickly to a stop like a higher end saw. This is common with all HF power tools I've had. I'm guessing it's just a way to make them cheaper, while slightly less safe. Make sure to cut away from your body!
-The blade chuck on this rusts pretty easy. Don't forget it outside.


I've always been a name brand tools type of person, but honestly, these Chicago Electric tools at Harbor Freight, are actually pretty good.
As others stated, for $20, who cares if it dies in 5 years?
I've been considering getting one, just to complement by cordless Craftsman C3 sawzall when I need to do a LOT of cutting...
I would agree on the fact that nicer blades honestly do cut a LOT nicer...don't cheap out on the blades. Will cheaper blades work? Yes, but you'll be cutting for a lot longer.


Is the handle meant to rotate? Or, is this rather an ex post facto feature?


picked one up. Thanks for the offer.


@stephen6789: I've got 2 drills, a hammer drill, this saw, a drill press, and several other items from HF and haven't had a bit of trouble from any of them.


HF corded tools aren't bad, their cheap batteries leave much to be desired though. Really tempted by this one since I have a pretty over grown yard.