dealsyankee candle - 30% off your entire purchase 11…


Even with the discount their candles are expensive, but they are some of the best. I like going to their discount barn at their main store. You have to be patient and go though a lot of stuff, but you can find great candles there for 90% off.


Yankee candles are the ONLY really good smelling candle. We cannot figure out why there is such a huge gap between these and everything else. You would think somebody would copy what they are doing after all these years but if they are, we can't find them.

This is a GREAT deal. They also have buy one and get 50% of the second candle and the FRIENDS coupon code applies to that even.


@pdesousa- have you tried the woodwick candles? they smell pretty awesome too. they are just as expensive as yankee, but i love the way the wick crackles and pops. i would be more than happy with either as a gift or a minor shopping splurge.


Thanks for sharing this! I got 2 of the buy 1 get on 50% of regular sized candles for $23.33 shipped and taxed. Very good deal! Thanks!


I loaded up on these. Always a sucker for good smelling stuff. I guess I'm hoping the nice smells will trick people into thinking my house is clean.

Another truly wonderful smelling brand is Circle E. My current favorite is Cotton Candy. Yum!