dealsgame of thrones [hd]: season 1, episode 1 for…


Pretty awesome, must be a glitch of some sort - confirmed working just now, get it while you can!


I don't think it's a glitch. I just "bought" it through the PS3 app for $0.00.


It's not a glitch, they give you the first episode in hopes that you'll be hooked on the show and buy the rest


Can I download from the library to a flash drive and then burn a DVD?


Just makes me wish HBO would stop being so terrible and let Amazon sell me the show like they do all these other shows. I guess they don't like money that much, because I'm not getting HBO just for one show.


@starbob: I've got the season one GoT dvd checked out from the local library right now. It will probably take longer than the allotted week to watch it, so an overdue fine will be due - a whole nickel a day.

Thanks to the library, I'm all caught up on past seasons of Boardwalk Empire and Homeland too. Just waiting for the current season to be released on DVD, then those will go on my request list.

Back in the day, a friend taped the Sopranos for me. Thanks HBO, for all the great shows - sorry I'm not part of your revenue stream!


I highly recommend watching GoT, assuming you don't mind the mature content. It is a superb series. For the reading folks, pick up the books too - I watched the series and am now on the second book and loving it.

@ginawoot: My county's library system allows renewing online, as well as reservations, requests to send books from one branch to another, etc, all online. I really should use it more...


@starbob: What are you talking about? Both Season One and Two are available from Amazon as DVD, Blu Ray, and both standard def and HD instant videos. Do you mean they don't allow you to download the current season? I don't think any premium channels allow this for a current show.


@ginawoot: WOW you have an awesome Library. The one where I am is mean and never really has anything good. Plus outrageous fines. oh and if they have to check your ID because you forgot your card you can only check out 3 items! I mean what better proof do they need that I'm me. and when questioned about why they have the policy they seriously could not give an answer.


@drunkafterwork: I meant the current season. Amazon does it for AMC shows I know for sure, specifically The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.


@sophie4: No, the download is encoded to only work with specific players. It downloads as a .AMZN file extension