dealspersonalizable jeep tent for $20.00


My parents got one of these for my son awhile back. It's overall...ok. I find it rather annoying that the front panel is off center so there is only half a headlight on the one side. Plus with the personalization it will be harder to get rid of when he grows out of it.


Cheaper solution. Find some appliance boxes and help your kid build his own tank. You can paint it green and let him/her put camouflage on it or whatever. I suppose it's not as easy to take with you to a park.. but if you're taking your kid to the park shouldn't they be running around and not stuffed into a tent? Just my 2 cents, obviously there is a market for this product so some people see utility in it.


This will go great with my race car bed.


i dont think it too happy about the kid being in there, the front part of the jeep look like its crying, the headlights are the eyes and tears and the grill is the mouth.


I don't want this but I like saying "personalizable". I'm going to the mall later and whatever I buy I will ask the clerk if it's "personalizable". I think everyone should try to use "personalizable" at least 4 times today.


@ploeg8393: ok bobby. I wonder if this has no legroom and over-molded plastic like a real jeep