dealsnintendo 3ds xl console for $159.99 + freeā€¦


I wouldn't even bother trying to get the Pikachu version. Target has like 2 per store. I got there 15 minutes after the store opened this morning and they were sold out.


I went to a gamestop and waited outside for an hour for a pikachu version, they said they had two in stock, but told me policy says they can't reserve it for anyone.

When I got inside, they told me they couldn't sell it to me because it was on RESERVE for one of their MANAGERS. Complaints have been filed. Just thought I should share that info though.


@mattlaird111: I wouldn't even bother buying from Gamestop. They also don't do returns on anything, even if it's under the 30 day return policy.


Just an FYI: Walmart will price match if you bring in the target ad from the Sunday paper. I got a Pikachu version at 5 pm on Sunday when both targets in my area were sold out.


I believe Best Buy and Toys R Us will also price match aside from Walmart.


@mattlaird111: I hope what they meant to say was "reserved by their manager for one of their customers". But, even so, I believe you. I stopped shopping at GameStop because of this type of crap.

The straw for me was that they put the boxes on the shelf, but had the CDs/DVDs in sleeves behind the counter. If I'm spending the money for a new game, I want to be the one to break the cellophane. I know its a little thing, but come on, an opened game is a used game, so don't expect me to pay full price.


sold out everywhere in nyc, I ended up paying full price for one over at Nintendo World and even there they were selling fast.