dealsfree gift @ harbor freight - today only (9/3/12…


The multimeter is crappier than crappy. I would just go with the tarp, myself.


Those 4mil blue tarps are their crappiest tarps too, but hey they're free (with purchase.) If buying a tarp, always go with the 7mil silver ones and use a 20% discount that you can almost always find online. They will accept coupons on your phone now. They'll either scan your phone or just punch in the numbers.


My husband loves Harbor Freight!! I am going to get a tarp today =)


I got two electric fly swatters in a bag 'o crap a few months ago. I had no interest in them but they fetched $3 each at a yard sale. :-)


Just stopped by my local Harbor Freight and picked up a tarp, as paulbsa said above they are crap! But hell you can't beat free. The San Jose store had plenty of tarps and meters left, didn't see many fly swatters.