dealsroundtrip flights across u.s. from $68


@ninjamurf: Not wishing to carry on a diaglog, but I used to work for an international carrier and across the country, whichever country, always meant east/west, or vice versa. I see what you are saying, but it is not mostly interpreted by the traveling public as certain routes WITHIN THE COUNTRY or city pairs, if you will. Just sayin'


@klozitshoper: "across the country" as in all over the country, not from left coast to right coast. As in the entire US, not just one region. You're being too literal.


I mostly always upvote Travel Zoo and I use the site when checking out trips and fares. However, the misleading part of this title of "from $68 for across the country" is simply not true. There is no cross country fare shown on the examples that comes close to being that low. Note to TravelZoo - New York/La is cross country . showing regional fares does not conform with the advertising.


agreed not really a woot worthy deal. there are no coupon codes, no special offers. It's just advertising for travelzoo.


@sexyredkid: "Not a deal or even worthy of being on here."
Really? $68 from LA to Vegas? ROUNDTRIP?! Not a deal? You're high.

Most of the people downvoting this have never used it or don't understand it. Travelzoo is a deal aggregator. They scour all the other sites and broadcast the best deals. Can you search the sites yourselves? Sure...but now I don't have to, Travelzoo let's me know when there might be a deal. And for all the morons who say, "well they don't have a $68 flight from MY hometown." And? It says flight FROM $68. Not ALL flights are $68. Of course they are going to advertise the lowest price. That like a car dealer saying, "car sale! Cars from $1000!" Do you honestly believe the Ferrari is $1000? Hell no. It's the '75 Camaro with the dent in it. Be real people.

pffftt Watch all the sheep downvote me into oblivion now.


Let's not forget Woot was bought by a (not named here) corporate entity. It seems that corporate entity is getting down to the lowest denominator. sleezy companies are now welcome here


I was a little disappointed by this woot. All they had to do to make it better would have been to give wooters a better idea what to expect. I expected to see $69 dollar flight and instead........still haven't figured it out.


I like to think that deals like this go to the Attic, along with the broken dolls.


Doubtful, I think these are sponsored deals. So we put up with this crap so we get the good ones (helps pay for the whole thing)


Maybe one day woot will stop putting these deals up. That or they'll stop when these companies belly up...


Checked it out to see why it is so hated- Umm.... it seems like when you type in your request, all it does is put up a bunch of links to other travel websites. I could've done that by myself. Down vote!


Not a deal or even worthy of being on here.


why so much hate for travelzoo?



Welcome back to the basement. We made sure your to add heating and air to the basement because you are our most frequent customer.

Hopefully control of a thermostat wont make you feel so lonely down here.