dealswaliki adult jumping ball pink for $17.00


I had an awesome one of these when I was kid that was Spider-man themed.


When I bought my kids these bouncing balls for Christmas last year, I couldn't resist getting an adult one for myself. Sturdy, fun and huge. Don't underestimate how much room it takes for an adult to jump though...look out Mom will mow you over on accident. Just as fun as when you were a kid!


I'd like to remind everyone that any ball is an adult jumping ball if an adult jumps on it.


Did anyone else immediately think of that South Park episode when they saw the picture?


Asking someone if they want to bounce on your pink balls will no longer get you 5-10 in the state pen.


Super cute! I just picked up the journals by Paperblanks..BubbleGum Betty and Pirate Girl.