dealsinvicta russian diver watch (new) for $69.99 + $5…


Retailed on Amazon for about $110 - $120 before this was the main Woot deal about a month ago. Bought one and its a cool looking watch, but if you dont like bulky, its not for you. The cap on the end adds a massive touch too. But still an awesome conversation piece.


I've basically heard nothing but bad about Invicta. Any watch nuts out there care to enlighten the rest of us?


@jamesbottomtooth: The MSRP is the suggested price by the manufacturer. Every Invicta watch has a huge price tag in order to make the "discount" price seem better than it is. Woot doesn't decide this, Invicta does.


@hohlraum: I've got one Invicta and love it. Just don't expect to get a $600 watch. It's a fashion watch with a decent movement. Quality is exactly what you'd expect in a $70 watch.


@hohlraum: I've owned at least 6 or more Invictas. From my experience they're decent watches for the price. I have one Invicta that is over 10 years old and is STILL my go-to fancy watch after a couple battery changes. Just keep in mind, you're getting a $70 watch, not a $500 watch.

This particular deal isn't the best, but it's ok. I saw this style going for near $60 during the holidays and almost picked one up. $80 is going rate I'd say.


I've seen these watches in person and they are flat out ugly. I'm a fan of huge watches which is what drew me to it at first. But the major flaws are the cheap rubber wrist band and that ridiculous oversized end cap with chain. Another major flaw is for such a large faced watch the cap that covers the "winder" will dig into the back of your hand. I have a Nixon 51-30 that is very large and that knob isn't even half the size and it's relocated to the other side to avoid this. Unless its very useful for your diving needs you'll just look foolish wearing this.


It's just so hard to get excited about anything from Invicta. The MSRP is so ridiculous and "deals" for them can be found anywhere.