dealslego universe : the massively multiplayer onlineā€¦


Enjoy it while it lasts. It's being shutdown after the Jan 30th.


Hey, subby, got any good prices on 2011 calendars too?


It's a shame they are closing down the game..Just like anything else in the free market, if it isn't profitable it doesn't stick around. I think Lego probably was short sighted shutting this down and I think it will leave a bad taste in kids and parent's mouths for some time to come. Lego will undoubtedly lose customers over this. They could have saved face by allowing a third party to host the game and design more content..But Who am I. I have only been playing online games for 2 decades...I don't know anything about it..


Too bad it's being shut down. I liked the game, but not enough to pay the monthly fee. I guess that makes me part of the problem. Still, I would have liked to see it move to a free to play model and move to someone else to run the servers. It's fun.


@bundarules: It should have been a free-to-play game from the start. That probably would have helped. They made the change too little and too late.


@bundarules: I started my own car company using that same logic, I've been driving for twenty years.

I'd tell you the name of it but we went under in a month.