dealssample of lactaid tablets for $0.00 + free…


I just put in for myself and my wife and it completed 2 offers. Not sure how many you can score with different email addresses. Thanks for the hook up!


Used 3 different emails and each appears to have went through.


Yep, just entered 2 different email addresses using the same shipping address and it "went through". Now to see if we get 2 samples. :-/


from the blurb on the website: By filling out this form, you are registering to receive future promotions/information from the LACTAID® Brand

In other words, SPAM bait.


They aren't that spammy, I've gotten this before a couple of times. You get one email a month or so, and often it links to a coupon. Lactaid products are expensive.

I will say though that while free is best, Costco's generic pill works as well and costs a heck of a lot less than Lactaid. I can't remember the last time I bought the "real stuff". But I'll definitely take the free sample. You can never have enough lactose pills in your purse, desk, etc.


@cnherrick: So you unsibscribe after the first one.


My son and I use Lactaid, and it helps a lot before eating ice cream. Enjoy your summer treat!


Thanks! My daughter is new to the latose intolerent world and this stuff works and is a bit $$ anything helps!!


Mmm....I can almost taste the milk. And ice cream!! Nice find. Thanks.


Thank you for the freebie!
Now for the ice cream. They didn't say anything about sending you ice cream to see if their product really works.

Used more than 1 email address......doesn't everyone have 8 or 9 email addresses?

Future promotions/information???? DELETE


@mona65: You only have 8 or 9 email addresses? I thought everyone had dozens like me, just on gmail...