dealsddm tuning 35w and 55w hid kits for $29.99


Please be VERY cautious putting HID retrofit bulbs into a non HID housing, if your reflectors aren't built correctly for HID's you'll be "that guy" blinding people on the road (and if you have an older car, your reflectors aren't).
Also, I could not find a single note on the website showing DOT legal, so take that as you may.
That's my soapbox on the product.

As for the deal, this is a good price and the warranty is good indeed.


Yeah definitely projectors only for HIDs, in the low beams anyway, high beam doesn't really matter since you shouldn't have them on when there are oncoming cars or while following another car, but you may still get dark spots with the reflector housing.

That said, HID kits are awesome for projectors, and DDM Tuning is an awesome company with reasonable pricing, had a guy in at work (major parts retailer) who's had ~9 kits from DDM and the only problem he has was one of the ballasts did not have 3m tape on the back like it was supposed to, a very minor issue.