dealslady and the tramp (three-disc diamond edition…


Appears to apply only to the copy that is packaged in a DVD case as an FYI


looks like only the 2 disc set is available in dvd or blu-ray packaging. The 3 disc set should only be blu-ray packaging.


@limpin16: This is Correct! The 2 disc set is available in both packages, while the 3 disc is available ONLY in the blu package. And ONLY the 3 disc has the coupon.


Looks to be a decent deal if you can stand the movie.


@unoriginal26: Yep that appear to be the case, when I checked it was listed as a DVD and it followed with a link to the 2 Disc blu-ray. Its good that they updated the description

@liquidsmoke420: You sir need to learn how to reply to someone. There is no need to respond like a d*