dealsfenix tk11 r5 258-lumen cree led flashlight for…


People still spend this much money on cree flashlights?


Looks little overpriced... I can find a 250 lumen flashlight that use 3xAAA batteries in my local auto parts store for $30.


In general, Lumen output is inaccurate at best.

Good luck finding actual test data on these flashlights showing actual output.

I was at Cabella's and happened to have my light meter with me.
I chatted with one of their sales people and we made an inpromptu lightbox (cardboard box with a hole on each end

we measured about a two dozen LED flashlights (mostly), headlamps, lanterns

Those that had lumen output were anywhere from 20-80% less than listed...

We used a new set(s) of lithium batteries for the tests...

My $.02


Fenix actually adheres to the ANSI FL1 standard for lumen measurement.


So what you are saying is, it meets the ANSI standards for overpriced 258 lumen Cree flashlights?


There Are a ton of crap lights out there. In fact, its hard to find a good one amidst all the junk.
most cheap ones are advertised by their LED output NOT ANSI ratings that tell the OTF or "Out The Front" lumens. This number can be 30% lower in some cases.

Fenix is well renowned as one of the best.
This is a great deal and its about time we see some good lights here.

Check out this link for a killer review. and some good lights.


Just go to Costco, you can get a 3 pack of 250 lumen lights for $15 bucks with duracell batteries included for each light. They are nice and bright.

I'm not saying the Fenix light is a bad light, but I have yet to test them in person. Mostly cause of the cost. Besides, unless you are doing some serious away from civilization searching, what do you need an expensive light like this for? Honestly, if someone can tell me, I might consider one of these.


@schujo77: Personally I want a light that works when I need it and I know that I can count on it. I've seen too many of the cheaper lights crap out within a month due to bad contacts, crappy circuit boards, or failed switches. I have several Fenix lights in different sizes and none of them have failed on me.

BTW $55.89 on amazon.


@bowlingb: Fair enough, however, I've had my Costco lights for over a year now and they are still rock solid. I agree that there are too many inexpensive lights that fall apart, but Costco usually sells fairly good quality items. Ok, I'm going to quit now cause even I am being sickened by how much I'm talking up that company.


I had a Fenix penlight (one of the single-AAA superbright jobs) that just went out on me recently after 2 years of occasional use. I suspect that I left it on & it burned out, or something similar; I would have no compunction about buying another one even given that the first one failed.