dealsstop zombie mouth-free halloween coupons for…


I think this is a great idea as an adult, but sadly most kids won't see it that way. I'll be sure to grab this for the PC either way though -- because the copy I have on my Android device, my PS3 and my Ipod just don't seem to be enough!


My ADA card will finally pay for itself! Go DENTISTRY!


*Soap for cleaning the eggs off of your house not included.

Seriously though, if you give these out do yourself a favor and throw in a fun size candybar too.


The Kid/Tween might like this at the first house, but after he receives 10+ of these coupons instead of candy, you better bet he's going to egg your house.


Hopefully everyone will see this, since the deal goes live tomorrow.


Good game and a great deal. With how often this game goes on sale, free is about the only price that's still impressive.


These were a huge hit at Halloween! Of course, I wasn't that big of a jerk, I gave out candy WITH them :)


Is this just the PC version?
This game is on like every platform you can think of.
Awesome deal either way, game is very addicting.


@stipo: The coupon says a free download for either the PC or Mac version.


@drchops: It's better then the traditional toothbrush right?