dealsstop zombie mouth-free halloween coupons for…


I think this is a great idea as an adult, but sadly most kids won't see it that way. I'll be sure to grab this for the PC either way though -- because the copy I have on my Android device, my PS3 and my Ipod just don't seem to be enough!


My ADA card will finally pay for itself! Go DENTISTRY!


*Soap for cleaning the eggs off of your house not included.

Seriously though, if you give these out do yourself a favor and throw in a fun size candybar too.


Good game and a great deal. With how often this game goes on sale, free is about the only price that's still impressive.


The Kid/Tween might like this at the first house, but after he receives 10+ of these coupons instead of candy, you better bet he's going to egg your house.


Is this just the PC version?
This game is on like every platform you can think of.
Awesome deal either way, game is very addicting.


@stipo: The coupon says a free download for either the PC or Mac version.


@drchops: It's better then the traditional toothbrush right?


Hopefully everyone will see this, since the deal goes live tomorrow.


These were a huge hit at Halloween! Of course, I wasn't that big of a jerk, I gave out candy WITH them :)