deals$50 off $100 on advance auto parts


I have to say seems a little misleading, Advance does not discout oil. So the offer will not work on the oil in the picture or any other oils that they sell.


@genojeff: Sorry about that, I was mostly trying to find an image that makes sense. I would have taken something from the offer page but the graphics were unreadable...

The code did work this morning when I tried it on some random auto products.


It's still good... just not on oil.


Thanks for posting this! I was shopping for brake pads and with this coupon was able to essentially get a set for free! WOOT!


Already down to 30% for the remainder of the 2,000 customers. Oh well.


mobil one at walmart is a lot cheaper anyway 23bucks a jug compared to 38


Funny how oil is 'tagged' too. Picture. Tag. But not oil.


use promo code TRT41 for 40% off all the time for purchases of $100 or more


Code TRT41 give $40 off $100, not 40% off purchase.


They are down to the 30% off coupons. Use the $40 off coupon now.


@copperweb32: sorry bout that thats what I meant.


when does the 40 dollars off get applied? says code accepted but when your checking out it doesnt show the 40 dollar discount... do you just click and hope they applied it?


@koggok: The 40 dollar discount applies to purchases of $100 or greater, then be sure to have a $75 purchase for free shipping. Oil and a few heavily discounted items like Seafoam will not discount further. I purchased degreasers, blinker bulbs, a K&N filter (cheaper than Ama...), hit my discount, then added a can of Seafoam (good stuff) for the free shipping threshold.