dealsfree phone with any ptel mobile unlimited…


Just recently installed my card from them. Worked well, got the same speeds as AT&T where I am. However, slightly spotty network with a lot of gaps, so check the coverage map.
Also, the unlimited data only knocks you down to 3G, unlike so many others that knock you down to 2G. Also, as one of the few no-contract GSM providers, and one of the best prices, this provider is very impressive.


No calling over wifi (with unlimited minutes moot point) and no short or sms text.


The following is to the best of my knowledge :

They use the T-mobile network.
As an MVNO operator that only purchases usage from T-mobile you will NOT get roaming onto AT&T as if you were an actual T-mobile user. You are restricted to purely using T-mobile's network.
Out of the top carriers 4 T-mobile has the poorest coverage area. If it works where you are and you don't need service out in the boonies this is an amazing deal.

As for my experience I use the Real Paygo plan. It does not come with a free phone, but if you are a light phone user it is very cheap. I pay about $5-7 a month. You can grab a SIM unlocked T-mobile or AT&T (or any GSM) phone off of ebay for cheap and throw the PTel SIM in. If you do not get a T-mobile phone specifically you may get pretty slow data speeds due to the phones being setup for a given carriers network. I personally grabbed a nice used smart phone for <$200 and haven't looked back.