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You can usually find it for 39/49 bucks on, or a ton of other places -- sans the student requirement.


With a 12 Month Card? I know the 12 month cards come up somewhat often for $39.99 but those sell out pretty quick. Currently has a 12 month for 48.99 and the same package for $59.99 saving $6.00


@nussy777: Yep. I actually bought this pack to renew my Xbox Live not too long ago from for 49.99 it included:
- 12 Months of Xbox Live Card
- 400 MS points
- Headset
- Chatpad

lemme see if I can find it somewhere lol

here are two previous deals listed on woot

They come on every so often, though sometimes there is the special $39.99 price tag from which everyone runs for... and I missed the last time!


I do understand they are cheaper sometimes but you have to catch it and get it before they sell out. If you are a student this is certainly a good deal compared to the other current prices. These are from 2 months ago and nothing similar has come out since then..


@nussy777: I agree with you, right now everyone is selling them for $60 bucks so if you need to reload your Xbox Live I would go for it.

Unfortunately, I recently graduated! :( Oh well hopefully I will start working on my masters soon! OR a JD.


Yeah there does lie a problem. I let to many 10$ single months go so i needed to jump right away. Im graduating this semester taking a semester off because I still need to take Gmats then going for an MS