dealsmainstays fire pit - in store only for $29.00


Review from site:

"This thing isn't exactly cheap but that's what you get. Lasted one year and it completely rusted out through the bottom. My advice, by one made of copper or stainless steel, or invest in a cover. Also, when you buy a fire pit, look for one with drain holes. This doesn't have any, so water just stands in it until you poor it out. Even drilled holes to try to stop the standing water, but they just rusted closed. Terrible!"

Pretty much what I would think when I saw the price of this fire pit. You'll get what you pay for.


That was the only bad review that I saw on the site. Everyone else seemed happy with it so ymmv.

Hey, it's $29 and it lasted a year. Who can complain?


@clkite: What I got from that is someone who doesn't take care of their stuff. You have a fire pit and you leave it out in the rain and inclement weather? Regardless of the metal, the weather is going to have its way with it if you leave it out.

The guy deserves what he got.


I actually own this, have had it for two years and it's a great fire pit. It was in expensive and it serves its purpose. In the summer we set it up and make s'mores every Saturday night.