dealssamsung galaxy tab 1ghz 2gb 7" touchscreen tablet…


If someone wanted the 3g service, they can get it at Verizon for $229.99. But without a contract, this is a pretty good price.


You can get it at Secondipity for $229 and there are plenty of 5% off coupons.


Assume the one at secondipity is a used item? Says excellent condition, and it doesnt state any warranty at all. plainly states 90 day warranty, I don't know if I would go for one without a warranty and without knowing if it is used or a refurb.


Secondipity is through, so all of their products are in really good condition. They only offer a 30 day warranty, but if it will last 30, then it will last 90. The only thing I would be skiddish about buying is a gaming console. is a good place to buy from, as I've never had a problem whenever I bought from them.

Just want everyone to know their options :)