dealsthe happy company electric head tripper vibrating…


Does it work on Welsh people?


There is no way anyone can get me to put that thing on my head.


"Head" massager. Don't bull--- me. I know what you're getting it for.


As soon as one of these things touch my scalp... I fall over snoring. They're seriously worse than roofies.


@rodneysiev: I'm interested in hearing where exactly else this could go..


These are $2.99 on Amazon

Different look, but most scalp massagers are the same


FYI this is the actual link to this product, link posted just takes you to the site.


Can this thing tell me if I have the brainpan of a stagecoach tilter?


The original link worked when I posted it! (It pulled in the name and picture right away.) Here is the link that works as of right now:



Oh snap, this is an "ELECTRIC" head massager.. those are $10 on Amazon


Went to a home party where one of these was being passed around (shame shame on the consultant). Everyone at the party had contracted a head fungus about 1 week later (not me, because I knew better, plus a paranoia of contracting head lice) If you buy one, keep it to yourself -- don't share toys ;)


@stabgod: they meant that lump 3 feet above your a$$, not the other one.


@erikull: Once robots gain sentience, owners of this will be the first to go. Think "electric head crab".


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(I guess I'll be 24...)

This brings me to a realization that may be worth bringing up somewhere people will actually read it:
Should we avoid downvoting dead deals? Downvoting is intended for bad deals right? And it also impacts peoples scores, etc. My point being, dead deals = not bad deals. Just dead. Hmmm. I'm typing with one eye closed so I can see straight, so I'm going to bed.