dealscomplimentary one-year subscription to maxim…


Can I append this to existing subscriptions?


required coupon code: Do you have it?

No offer attached to coupon Coupon Code Invalid



After you enter the sweepstakes, click the link to try the challenge and select these answers:

Heisman Trophy
Penn State Mascot
University of Michigan Stadium Nickname
Georgia Tech Mascot
University of Wisconsin Mascot
University of Georgia Mascot
University of Oregon Mascot

congrats, you win


It works for me! Try this link: No coupon required.


Just got the below e-mail. Drat.

"Thank you for taking the BCS Clues Challenge. Unfortunately, due to our limited quantity you will not be able to receive the complimentary Maxim subscription. Please click below for a special offer available only to those people who won the BCS Clues Challenge:

Thank you,
Maxim Magazine"