dealsalways be yourself t-shirt for $14.95


Its nice to see a funny shirt that doesn't revolve around bacon or math puns.


@sharpjm: And what is the matter with math puns?


Math puns are a sine of sum one with no sense of humor.


@jcdanner: I guess that's what happens when sum 1 drinks and derives... but I'm partial to fractions myself so I can't judge.


@matkyne: Nothing - I enjoy the occasional math pun. But putting them on t-shirts was so 2012. Yea I said it, 2012. =P


@sharpjm: well that is pretty negative. I guess we should just agree to be at odds.


@jcdanner: sorry I didn't mean to subtract from the discussion. The square root of my dissatisfaction is that some of those pun shirts just don't add up.


I just find it amusing that all these shirts are invariably shown with an attractive female model as if to suggest that an actual female, or really anyone not sporting a neckbeard and well versed in the finer points of Linux vs. BSD, would ever actually wear one.


@bogus: Clearly you don't work in corporate IT. I know quite a few attractive geeky ladies.


The Alderaan 5 Day forecast shirt made me pee my pants. Then I saw the price. Can't bring myself to spend $20-25 for a tee shirt...