dealslego star wars millennium falcon w/ free darth…


This is a great build for an older Lego fan, but a little too fragile for play -- if you pick it up, parts will be left behind.


p.s. Don't get too excited about the 20% off $100 banner at the top of the retailer's page... fine print says the discount does not apply to (a) Sale Items, or (b) LEGOs. This particular item is obviously both. Besides, at $99.99, you'd probably have to search for a filler to make-up the extra penny. :P


get this model before disney and pixar team up for the next star wars movies. I heard the falcon will have eyes and a mouth and talk with a southern accent!


@scolburn: The OP did not post this deal because of the 20% off sale. It's posted because its ALREADY on sale at $99.99 - that's a GREAT price for this set. It's RRP at Lego is $139.99, and TRU usually sells it for $149.99. Plus a special minifig to boot. A VERY good deal! Thanks @Fmp031000!


FYI, I believe they meant "Darth Vader", rather than "Darth Maul"...

Millenials, they don't know nothing... :-Þ


@thesaj: Nope, the OP is correct.

"Online Only! FREE Exclusive Darth Maul Mini-Fig with ANY LEGO Star Wars purchase of $25 or more!"

Pretty sure that's Darth MAUL, not Vader.

Maybe you should click the link before you make generalizations.


Great idea, because Darth Maul totally goes with the Millenium Falcon.


Heck yeah! I love Star Trek!


Alright, I upped this deal this morning but didn't bite. Now everyone has talked me into buying it and its sold out!

The following item: LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (7965) has limited inventory. We've adjusted the quantity below to reflect the number we have available.


I was going to buy but it's saying it's $149? How do I get the $99 deal?


My bad...

I did click the link, and I saw this image...

(Which featured Vader, I missed the little icon and line about Darth Maul.)

So my apologies...

[I'm married to a Millenial, and I am still trying to convince her that the original Star Trek was NOT the one with the bald captain.]


@rmmadurski: The deal was only on Monday :( but you can get a price match from a Toys R'US or Target store if you can get your hands on the Walmart ad for this week. The price is $99.99 as well according to the ad I've got on the Sunday paper along with other nice deals (Republic Frigate $99, Tie Fighter $34) (all gone from my local WalMart).