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Buy all of them (well, Leonhardt is harder to recommend, unless you can listen to an organ/harpsichord hours on end). Plunk down $12, and you'll have an extraordinary collection of extraordinary music.

Classical not your thing? WRONG. You just don't know it yet. Too intimidating? You won't know until you try it, and when you do you will find it is nothing to be afraid of. Put it on in the background and see where it takes you. A year ago, I didn't know jack about classical. Ask me now, and...well, still couldn't explain it much but I can tell you I now listen to nothing else.

And this is the perfect place to start. Maybe start with one of the Big 3: Bach, Mozart or Beethoven. Mozart's the most accessible, Beethoven brings the drama. I like Bach the best, and you can't go wrong with the original Big Bach Set -- I'd recommend skipping down to the Brandenburg Concertos. Then listen to last track of Mass in b Minor -- Dona Nobis Pacem. It will change your life.


Wow, instant classical music collection for just a few bucks!!
I've just bought the Baroque and Bethoveen boxes so far, but I imagine I'll likely have the full set by the end of the week.


@dupedyetagain: And, just to add a note to your excellent post, the Big Bach Set does not duplicate what's in the Bigger Bach Set. They are stand-alone, and both are excellent.


I wish Amazon sold these in a lossless format rather than just MP3.
I know that no one can tell the difference in a controlled, double-blind test, but it gives me the warm fuzzies.


There's also a Big Summer Box and a Big Christmas Box which are sadly not part of this sale, but are only about $3 each.