dealsnerf n-strike maverick - colors may vary for $8.42


That looks like a super fun project. Also it looks like there are a lot of interesting nerf gun mods out there.


@gideonfrost: there really really is. I am working on an 18-dart 3-barrel maverick mod. (requires 3 Nerf Mavericks):

Mine will be painted of course with the air restrictors removed, higher 5kg+ compression spring, 3pennies glued to increase the springs power and serve as a barrier between the back of the plastic shell and the higher powered spring, 2nd rubber o-ring for a better seal, raised red dot scope on the tactical rail, laser pointer light underneath (bottom of handle switch to activate/deactivate) and will shoot custom stefan darts 50-75ft.

It's a fun project, the Maverick is definitely my favorite to mod.


Ah, memories... we used to shoot each-other with these all the time in Iraq to blow off steam. :-)


Great NERF gun at a great price! You can be grown up and still enjoy NERF guns...


@wheretheworldmeets: That's true. The last wedding party I was in I came in to the reception firing a nerf gun at all the guests.


@gideonfrost: My husband and I semi-crashed a Christmas party with marshmallow guns this one time.

We just gave one of these away at a birthday party today!


just gave one to my fiance. She loves it.


I used one of these as my gun when I went to a costume part as hellboy once. easy to take apart and painted up nicely.


@wilcononomous: lol ya.. that was sad.. I paused at 1:25 and laughed for a good 5minutes.. hard to breathe