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I had nothing but trouble with this model---a problem that seemed electric to me--shutting off and smelling hot 1/2 way through a cycle then it would have to cool down to works again. This was a 4 month old product and I got so sick of their excuses, I filed a complaint with the consumer product safety commission. When I called Cuisinart about the problem, I could tell the operator was referencing what to tell callers and she indicated that i hadn't been the first person to call with that same complaint. She suggested I unplug it (duh) and run vinegar through it then after it's cooled down, plug it back in. Really, I paid a LOT of money for it and they just beat me down with all the things they wanted me to do, and they wanted me to ship it back to them post paid--I finally put it in the trash!After I checked for other reviews, others had a similar problem with this model.


I don't know...maybe it's just me but if you are going to buy a coffee maker then either get a cheap one or shell out the money for one of the deluxe swiss army knife models if the cheap one somehow fails to make coffee...I see no middle ground, the middle ground is more of a waste of money IMO than the expensive ones. This has all the features of the 15 dollar model I got at Wally World.


don't see how to get the rebate. am I n00b?


@ekmadden: The link to the rebate form is the blue hyperlink, Rebate forms for rebate purchases, which appears right below the price of the coffeemaker and right above the color choice box. Rebate must be postmarked by July 31, 2010.