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I've got a different Neato, and it is wildly unreliable--far worse than my Roombas. Which means I've been dealing with the same support reps that will be supporting these robots when they break.

Expect to wait an hour on hold. And the CS reps don't seem like they've ever seen one of these robots close up. They read from poorly written scripts, and there have been times when their instructions weren't clear at all. When I asked for clarification they repeated the script.

Now my robot is dead, not because of a broken part but because of an error message that can't be cleared. I have been promised a refurb if I pay for shipping. It was going to be shipped out in a few days, two months ago. Yep, no refurb has arrived.

This might be a good robot, but if it breaks you're probably going to be SOL. I'm never buying another Neato again.


I'll wait a few years until these things are more reliable.


I bought this exact model a month ago from Woot after having two Roombas die on me. One lasted 9 months, the other just past the end of the warranty period. I bought this after verifying the Neato a co-worker got a year ago was still working fine.

The Neato cleaning algorithm is far better than the one Roomba uses. The Neato maps out the edge of the room and then runs a set pattern within those boundaries. The Roomba uses a semi-random approach which takes much longer. The Neato has a MUCH more powerful vacuum than either Roomba had and picked up the cat fur in my carpet.

I can't comment on the problems nvaine has (though I'd suggest emailing support if possible - I did that with Roomba and it's less frustrating than calling, plus you have a written record of communication) and I've only owned my Neato for a month, but I've very satisfied so far. Just make sure to clean the brush, drive belt, and wheel wells after vacuuming to give it the best chance of lasting a long time.


Have had both Rumba and this Neato xv21 pet robot vac.
This one is by far the better one !!!!
Smarter, more power, and has worked without any problems at all.
\have picked up another one for my parents and sister as gifts.


I have the Neato XV-11 and I would marry it if possible. Never had any problem with it and every software update just makes it better.


@hvogel: You're right, regular maintenance is important. I've owned Roombas and Scoobas for years and it didn't take long to learn that it's much easier to take care of that after each run, when it's a quick task, than it is to try to let it go a few times and then have to carve out all the accumulated gunk. Even though the Neato belt is a bit annoying, I was cleaning mine after each run. Mechanically, everything is fine.

And yes, I thought the Neato did a better job of cleaning and has a better cleaning algorithm. If only it worked.

Unfortunately, I've got the "My vision was Blocked .Please Press OK (3000)" error. Nothing clears it. I regularly blow the lasers off with canned air, so the problem isn't that they're dusty. A quick search will show you that I am not the only one to have this problem.

I've got a different model. Maybe this model won't have that problem. But if this problem or a different problem appears, I wouldn't count on Neato support to fix it.