dealssamsung ativ touch screen smart pc 500t tablet…


too bad windows 8 is terrible


@piotrt02: Did you mean: Too bad it's a netbook with it's keyboard chopped off with a touch screen added?


Just to add that Windows 8 is really good -- I've got a free program which starts up and brings me right to the desktop. The ModernUI is ok, but it suffers from a lack of apps. But regular Windows programs run fine, and it boots up and shuts down incredibly quickly. Yeah, yeah, most people don't look at anything but the the ModernUI screen, but the rest of Windows 8 is just great.

Try it, really try it, and I think you'll agree.


out of stock in my area and wont even let me reserve one :(( this is about as high as ill go for an atom anything, even with touchscreen. win 8 haters like myself can always find other options..too bad i cant buy one


This tablet is EXTREMELY limited and costly for what you get.


Windows 8 is a monopoly. It strangles the ability to dual boot into Android, and its permissions crush Indie game makers.


@piotrt02: I don't really see how its a monopoly... DO you even know what that means?


@firesoul453: If the only OS that can be installed is win 8, then there is only one supplier for software. I don't see the stem of confusion here.


As Admiral Ackbar would say..."It's a trap!"

Stay FAR FAR away from this POS.


@piotrt02: Where do I begin? "Strangles the ability..." When you buy a computer you know upfront what operating system is installed on it. If you don't like the specs, don't buy it. Just because it doesn't do what you want it to do hardly means Windows 8 is a monopoly. There are machines that dual boot Windows 8 and Android. Furthermore, Android is an ARM based OS while Windows is x86. But there is the Android x86 project. Windows 8 may not be the only OS that can be installed on this machine, but Samsung decided which OS to put on it. You can put Linux on just about any x86 machine.

Does that mean Apple OSX is a monopoly, too? It is the only OS installed on Macs.


while I agree there are many limitations to atom tablets, there is also a place for them. This is obviously not suited to be someone's primary machine. This best functions as a companion device. I can leave my laptop at home or in my bag while travelling, and be connected with this machine, with at least 8 hours of battery life, running a full windows OS and yes even the metro stuff, which has its place too.

Slap a 64 gig card in this thing and you've got a rock solid mobile tablet. I use it as a reader, to watch movies, and even to play SNES emulation using a USB gamepad via the dedicated usb port.

I can also agree that $400 may not be so much of a DEAL, but it is in my opinion absolutely worth that (and should really have been the original retail price).


@piotrt02: I didn't know consumers choice meant a monopoly.... I guess you learn something every day...

I guess IOS is even more of a monopoly because you can't install linux on an iphone. Anyone can make windows 8 software for free but IOS requires your software to be approved.

I still highly recommend against this tablet though.


I bought one of these machines from a different site a few weeks ago. Let me tell you...IT'S AWESOME. Granted, it's not necessarily state of the art in terms of specs, but the atom processor allows you to do (almost) anything you'd want to do exceptionally quickly and with unbelievably long battery life. Combine that with a full wacom digitizer for digital inking (note taking) and you have an absolutely tremendous value.


I bought one of these a few weeks ago, also. Full Windows 8, ability to use Office, built in 4g, long battery life and mine came with a nice keyboard dock. I think it's a great device.


I am typing this comment on my HP Envy X2 with the same specs. Any Windows 8 touch tablet will be awesome!
If you haven't owned a computer with touch and 8, you don't know 8. The jealous ones will continue to post what they don't know, and be apparent to those who do, and never know it. That makes them amusing. Let them go on. Us older folks have a saying. Everybody hates Cadillac's, until they can afford them. For those who have had a touch Windows 8 tablet for longer than overnight, it's terrific isn't it? I am retired military and been tech'ing on computers since the first PCs came out in 81. You know, last century? No kids at home and I can play with what I want. I believe I will sell the Surface RT after I get one of these today. For those who CAN afford to pay to play, this is a great buy if it works as well as my Envy, and is as light when used as a tablet. I am off to the store to play with one. If it is the same weight or lighter I will get it price matched or order it.


There are some biased comments from people who obviously shouldn't be commenting at all. I have this unit along with several other Win8/RT tablets (and two ipads and a G tab 2). This is a great little device. Windows 8 on a touch device is hands down the best tablet touch experience on the market and you can do just about anything with this. THey make a keyboard addon if you want/need a more laptop experience, but you can also connect this to an external monitor and any USB/bluetooth device you can think of. There really aren't any limitations other than performance, but even that is better than an ipad or android tablet. Short of mid-level games it runs most things well.

The build quality feels a little off at first, but it's typical Samsung (plastic) and well built despite the initial feel. I would have no problems recommending this to anyone. I paid $599 for mine and I was happy with it tat that price, at this price it's a steal.


Amen! I had a Galaxy Tab 10.1 since they first came out. I also now have two Galaxy Smart Phones. When I got the Surface RT I was a bit disappointed because it won't do IMAP mail or come with Outlook which I use. I have it to my wife and ordered the Envy. I sold my Netbook, and high end SSD laptop and now just have the Envy and the surface. I am going to go play with this and if it stacks up will buy it. Thanks for your knowledgeable feedback! I use Verizon but on Straight Talk and am waiting for a Windows phone on Verizon then Android and their privacy intruding will no longer be needed. They have one for AT&T, but in the country I need the ST on Verizon towers. I think I need to sell the RT Surface and get on of these. Thanks again.