dealsthose southern belles condom case for $9.99


I highly recommended taking a look at the "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed..." list. Makes me wonder about Amazon customers sometimes.


@lavikinga: Wanna come Dammit Janet, local bar in town, with me sometime to Open Mike night, I will introduce you to Bubba and his best Friend James. They wear these shirts, although they do like to wear them a bit tight to show off their muscles, I never did figure out why. I bet they have these carry cases too, not that I want to find out.


@hobbit: Open mike night brings back memories. Used to date a bass player in a band that was trying so hard to make it. They never did.(Probably because they were, um, not good.) And I hear they finally closed Machine Gun Kelly's. First the Zep shirt and now this jiggle to the memory banks. I'm feeling old today.


@lavikinga: Well these open mike nights are more like Karoke nights, and I don't have the proper costuming if you catch my drift. They actually open the bar early for us city workers one night a month so it is a mixed crowd the younger ones get into it I enjoy watching. Oh and I dated a piano player who had a 'band' they were also so NOT good, thankfully they never left the confines of the basement.


ZOMG! Only one left in stock! I need one of these for the glove case of my IROC!