dealsidolian idolpad 9” android 4.0 ics os tablet pc 5…


$11 more on Amazon. I read a review that said that the single core 1.2 ghz processor just isn't enough to run anything on top of Ice Cream Sandwich, and I think I would agree without testing it myself.


Just went on to the and it's actually $79.99 Free shipping. This model is 8GB built in not 4GB. I found the coupon for 10% off and confirmed it works so it's $79,99-10% (7.99)=$72 and free shipping. Coupon from their facebook page: LIKEIDOL
I just ordered mine and coupon worked!


Really, white triangle guy??!! Tell us about what else you bought signing up yesterday, perhaps another great deal you found on


Find a good deal on a Nook Tablet. (Typically $70 on Cowboom, but with some scuffs & scratches) Replace the OS with cyanogenmod. You get a better, higher-resolution display, faster CPU, more storage, etc, for a lower price.


@rookie3001: While I agree about white-triangle-guy's suspiciously new account and praise for the site, he is correct that they're listing the same tablet at $79.99 w/8gb RAM.

Not that I'd buy it either way, but the deal warrants updating.


I ordered two tablets from Idolian directly. Their packaging is really impressive. No wasted space and very well protected in shipping.

The only problem was that they sold me a used unit as new. It was obvious the box had been opened since their quality seal had been broken and the tablet had been obviously taken out of the packaging and repackaged.

They seemed supportive and willing to replace the used tablet until I mentioned they sold me a used tablet as new. After that, my only choice was to return the unit or keep it.

Much better entry level tablets out there now from companies with much better customer support.


ladies and gents - this is a bad purchase. you can get a better spec'd tablet on aliexpress (you do have to be much more careful there though). and 512mb ram is just not enough anymore for android. i don't know for sure but it looks like it's an allwinner a10. i had the 1gb version of an a10 tablet and it just wasn't enough. it was too weak of processor and low ram. however, the a10 is very hackable... so theres that.

but again for 90 bucks you can get a much stronger/newer tablet.


If you are looking for a budget friendly tablet, the cheap Hisense Sero 7 available at any Walmart for 99 bucks is hard to beat. With it's 1.6 gig dual core processor, 1 gig of ram and 1024 x 600 display, it will run circles around this paperweight.


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@glb: You do realize you have a white triangle, don't you?


So I was influenced by white triangle guy and bought one for $71.99 w/coupon code. It arrived yesterday mailed free via priority mail. It was impressively packaged and looked like it was worth much more than I paid. That was until I started using it.
It is laggy loading web pages. If youtube loads, the videos are pixelated and skippy. You need to go to the widgets tab to find google play. I am using it now. I won't complain. It works for $72.00.
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