dealsfree tickets to watch sacha baron cohen's theā€¦


Man I wish they did these in smaller towns. I don't want to drive 2 and a half hours to watch a free movie.


Sacha Baron thanks,someone else can have my ticket.



>Someone else can have my ticket.

Then why would you register for one in the first place???


@segafanalways: Manchester CT, Tempe AZ, Ann Arbor MI, Salt Lake City UT... These ARE smaller towns. I live in NYC and this isn't available, to me it just looks like it's at Boston, SF and a bunch of smaller towns. I guess it's perspective.


@goatindaruffness: Looks like new locations are being added. Chicago IL and Nashville, TN got added to the list in the past hour. If its anything like they had for Dark Shadow screenings, most major cities like NYC, Boston, DC will pop up at the last minute.


Sold out as soon as it went up in my town, but I guess they are free movie tickets...


And the great state of Texas is missing... Sad. :(