dealsgoggles4u prescription eyeglasses: continued saleā€¦


Great price, haha. Couldn't decide between tinted/non-tinted lenses so I got one of each - $16. Still a fraction of what the supermarket charges for any lens/prescription combo.


If you want to buy glasses online, make sure to get your pupilary distance (PD) first. You can ask any glasses place to do it, or get it done at an eye exam. There's also ways to measure it on your own with the aid of a mirror.


@tom12385: good point - I in fact used a mirror.


Thought it said google....
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I was under the impression that the goggles did nothing...


I've purchased from these guys before. They're fairly quick and I've had no problems with the lenses I purchased from them either.


It say's $8.99 + $4.99 shipping. That's $13.98. Where do you get $4..99 from?.


@phoenixcoins: Use the code DEALWOOT on checkout and be sure to choose the 4.99 frame.


Just ordered a pair. Came out to 7.98. Even if they suck...I'll have a spare set.


I have no idea what size to get. I've been needing an updated pair for around the house. Should I just go with medium since my head isn't big or small?

Also, it is charging $20+ for lenses, is this normal. I've never bought eye glasses before.


@bigbiker05: Measure the pair you're wearing now and use that as a guide for the size you want. Go +/- a few millimeters and you should be fine. Your prescription may be more expensive. Check the rates.


Nice! In for one pair!

@bigbiker05 - The coupon basically acted like a 22$ off type situation so, yes, the 20$ lenses are essentially put in free.


This'll be my 4th time buying @ this price... some things I've noticed:
1. Hard to use the Try Online cause I don't know how big my head is... you can scale the pic so that it looks good on you, but that doesn't mean that's the size you're getting.
2. Attempting to get PD yourself is VERY difficult and inaccurate. I tried using a ruler and ipod camera... easy to not have ruler straight, etc... I 2nd the sugg by @tom12385
3. Most of their plastic frames come w/ metal noseguard things... personally, I way prefer just plastic w/o noseguards. Just something to look out for.
4. Lastly, you can get the lenses shaded for free. Highly suggest buying a pair as sunglasses.


Make sure that the Rx is correct. If not, the company will not re-make the lens even if the Optomologist or Optomotrists did not get the Rx correct the first time. They wanted to charge me the same price for new lenses. Get better sercice at Wal=Mart.