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After all the hype, I bought this game off of Steam when it was on sale. Only have an hour or so in, and I can say the story lines seem interesting - but the combat is very lack luster. Have a feeling that I won't ever spend the time to complete this game.


I used to buy collector's editions...but then I took an arrow to the knee...


@bigcheeze: You obviously haven't had the chance to kill someone by shouting at them yet.


@bigcheeze: I love how people down vote others for their view of a game. I got downed a lot when I mentioned I did not like MW3 but loved Black ops. Geez people not everyone likes the same games as you and just because it's popular doesn't mean everyone else likes it.


@bigcheeze: I felt the same way, but then I got to winterhold and started using magic & archery. adds some fun to the game.


Forget good or bad game (that is a matter of personal preference), is this a good deal? It seems that for your 80 bucks you get the game in a nice box, a little (plastic I would think) toy, a "making of" DVD, and a book of artwork. It doesn't seem that you get any extra DLC or expansions here. The regular version is still 60, so is the extra stuff worth 20 bucks? Kind of doubt it.


The "little toy" included is over a foot tall, I believe.

This is the cheapest I've seen the Collector's Edition for Skyrim. So tempting... Getting the CE for cheap is the only thing in my path to waiting for a GOTY version.


I love the game, but personally I tend to stay away from "collector's editions".


@slytke: Heh, haven't heard that in a few weeks.


@berrdatherrd: Thanks for the info. I may try to fire it back up soon, but then again I just downloaded the ME3 demo...


@bigcheeze: CRAP, thanks for reminding me. Going to DL right now.


@wilfbrim: Not a little toy. It is actually quite large. I believe it was around a foot tall. Not many people expected a large piece when they picked up their game the first night and were pretty happy. It is a good price if you love dragons since you get the statue and the game.