dealsxbox 360 4 gb console with kinect for $199.99…


Stood in line at 0'dark:30 at Radio Shack, only to find they sold out with the first two customers. Microsoft saved Christmas!


Yes thanks Microsoft everyone else was sold out


Is it just me, or am I seeing this at 394 dollars?


Shows $199 for me. Even when added to the cart. So not sure what your guys problem is...or why you would downvote someone linking you to the deal.

And just FYI to all, the hard drives in these can be replaced with larger ones. Yes. Even these new slim versions. It's not terribly difficult. So if you really like the Kinect package, having to "settle" for the 4GB version shouldn't be a deal breaker.


The second link provided by Junior does show the 199 price point.