dealscome back with a warrant doormat for $19.99


A doormat of utmost class for sale at Wal-Mart? How amazing!


I think these are adorable door mats. However, it looks like these are regular price so, not a deal.


This would have made a great wedding present for Mark Zuckerberg!


It's cute, but it's not a deal. A doormat would have to be 10x more clever for me to spend $20 on it.


They are also pretty poorly made. Bought the exact thing a few years back when I was a bachelor. Didn't last one summer in Arizona before falling apart.


@curli76: Find a cheaper one, @zxzgrifterzxz: I'm not sure you had this product because I have one that says "Wipe your paws" and I've had it for almost 2 years and it's holding up fine. It's made by the same company and I just bought this one as well


I would think a high percentage of Walmart shoppers could make good use of this. Next should be a sign that reads something like... Tending the meth lab, will be back at (Insert Time Here).