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Seems to me if they really loved boobies the front would be transparent and UV shielded. The F rating by the Better Business Bureau does not inspire confidence.

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There is more to a business then its BBB rating you know that right?


I prefer a DD rating to BBB rating.


@axe: I'm curious why you rely so heavily on the bbb rating?


@imtheotherguy: I'm curious why you are curious. Do you know what a BBB rating is?

If there's a chance you will receive the wrong product, never receive your product, or never get responses for defective products, wouldn't that impact your decision to purchase from a company? What if the company has a proven track record of not resolving customer complaints? That wouldn't influence your decision even a little?

Sure, for most companies this is unlikely and you could potentially have issues with any company, but by discounting the BBB rating, you are discounting the efforts of businesses who work to resolve customer complaints while excusing those who do not.


Between BBB and ResellerRatings, I would prefer to err on the side of caution, especially when using credit card information to buy online. The numbers of complaints on both sites outweigh the positive comments.

If you feel like taking the chance, then by all means, do so. But for those who prefer to tread carefully with their hard earned money and their valuable access to their credit, then there's more than enough reason to find another way to get the same product elsewhere.


The BBB is a useless member organization. Some businesses pay dues to be a member. People waste time making complaints about members and non-members to the BBB instead of their state attorney general who can actually do something. The ratings are worthless. As an example, Finish Line is NOT a member and has an F rating, with 149 complaints in the last 3 years. Woot has a C- with 62 complaints in last 3 years. has been a paying member since 1998 and has a B+ rating with 2,779 complaints in the last 3 years. Sears has been a paying member since 1926 and has an A- rating with 17,729 complaints in the last 3 years. Do you see a pattern here? Here's a good read on the BBB as well -


@tacogrande: BBB feedback is like eBay feedback, only by a reputable organization that most businesses strive to be a positive part of. They're not the be-all, end-all of the business world, but they're a decent start point for people looking for a bit of information before mailing money in good faith to a company that may or may not provide the goods and services as promised.


@bobbyoblong: Not disputing what you said, just wondering if you know how the number of complaints correlate to the total number of sales. It seems like larger companies would have more complaints.

But I always thought Finish Line was a large company, like Sears, they have an online presence as well as a retail one.

I thought maybe with more savvy people purchasing from and Woot (lawls), it would be easier for them to make complaints, or they are more vocal (double lawls). Which, of course makes Sears' numbers really weird, unless the grandpas and grandmas were use to filing complaints about Roebucks on their rotaries!

This is all just late night rambling, but if you're skiming, here's something interesting, shamelessly pulled from Wikipedia:

"On June 1, 2009, BBB offices nationwide adopted an A-F ratings system... The BBB of Central Illinois states on their website that only businesses which pay dues are eligible for an A+ rating. "


Replying to myself, I'm sure they want it to seem like paying members are making an active effort to provide outstanding customer service, so they pay their membership dues and yada yada PR. But we all know how that works, right? Ask Yelp about that.


Thanks for pointing out the BBB junk - I looked and my business is listed as B+ with 0 complaints... I guess they want me to send them a check. I emailed them with questions as to why I am listed at less than an A and asked if membership is a requirement for ranking or if they are bias against small business. I wonder if they'll answer.


this lame-o, armchair-lawyer dialogue would better fit a blog on carpet cleaners. This is about A SHIRT THAT SAYS BOOBIES ON IT! Totally lost my wood now...