dealssimplify & organize your money for the new year…


I see plenty of down votes, but no comments. Is this a bad deal, or just general lack of love towards the product?


Read the reviews on Amazon. It appears that Quicken 2013 corrupts people's Quicken files after they upgrade, plus a slew of other bugs that keep it from functioning as promised.


Also, There was a 50% coupon that expired 12/31. I want to buy premier but I will wait until i get a better deal.


Much better idea for most people is to get Mint, an app for your phone. It is excellent for tracking your expenses/budget if that's you goal. Set your budgets online and it will send you weekly updates, tell you when you've exceeded a budget and notify you of things like bank charges.


@jmcachran: Mint was a plain ol' website before it was a mobile app, I signed up with them in about 2005. I haven't used them in years, as back then they wouldn't usually show terribly recent info, but they still email me automatic "you got hit with an overdraft fee" messages which my back absolutely will not do, and that's been helpful. They're a great service, though. Had to chime in on that one.


I have used Quicken for years, and I also have a Mint account. Quicken does so much more than Mint, though, because it also allows you to add future expenses automatically, and it synchronizes with online accounts easily. I am currently using Quicken 2010, and now I'm getting messages that I must upgrade by the end of April or I won't be able to get online transactions anymore. However, the negative reviews for 2013 (not to mention the price) make it difficult for me to jump into it. I'll probably end up getting 2012 through eBay or something.


@kiminy: i dont like the idea of Quicken'10 getting it's plug pulled...

Just foreshadowing April 2016... the day when Q'13 is lain to rest...