dealsall shirts free after rebate


Not really free here...the "rebate" is a code good for another shirt, not a refund of what you paid for the first shirt.

In other words, it's like a buy-one-get-one-free offer, only with a lot more work involved to get the free shirt.


@kcostell: Well that's a little misleading of them.


Buy one get one free is not "Free" its at most %50 off


Try "IWILLSHAREHOBONINJA" as a coupon code instead should be 40% off


To get the free shirt coupon, you have to:

1. Take a picture of yourself wearing the first shirt you bought.
2. Upload the picture to their website.
3. Get the code in email.

So when you get the second shirt, what guarantee do you have that it will be free shipping? Probably will charge $5 shipping which will turn out to be near their actual costs so they lose nothing.


To be honest, even if they were free, most of those shirts arn't anywhere near as good as Woot shirts- or many other shirt sites- I wouldn't wear them.

Still, if you like their shirts and are willing to jump through hoops not a bad deal.


"All shirts free after rebate" is not misleading. It's a lie.


Staples does this all the time. They say something is $.01 after reward points. So you go buy something for $20.00 and wait and wait and never get anything in the mail. If you do, it's $19.99 coupon that you have to use in the store so they say it only costs you a penny but that's not true either.


@cengland0: Menards does that all the time too. The difference is I can always find things to buy at Staples or Menards. But not so much at a gag shirt outlet.


in the picture the one of the t-shirts says "I did it all for the Wookie". As any Star Wars fanboy can tell you, Wookiee has 2 "e" 's in it. I am suspicious of any t-shirt/website that does not spell their t-shirts correctly!


Seriously why are people upvoting this? Do not reward people who lie in their title.

This is a t-shirt bogo with a blatant lie as it's title and has over 100 upvotes? This isn't even as good a deal as 6dollarshirts regular price of $6... (or $5 if you buy 10 shirts) and is the same deal as roadkilltees regular price of buy 3 get 3 free which puts them at $8 a shirt if you don't buy extra upgrades for their shirts (they offer things like higher quality shirts or built in bottle openers etc). Why the hell would you upvote a sale that isn't even as good as competitors regular prices? Ignoring the lie for a title and all the hoops you have to jump through to even get your free second shirt.


@conantroutman: It's exactly 50% off assuming you get free shipping on both shirts. They will only send coupons for the value of the shirt originally purchased so if you buy a $9.99 shirt you get a coupon for a $9.99 shirt if you buy a $16 shirt you get a coupon for a $16 shirt. They also require that your face be in the photo and you are agreeing to sign over all rights to the photo to them so they can then use your photo with your face in it as can all of their advertisers or anyone they decide to sell it to without ever paying you anything for it's use or giving you any credit for photography or modeling.


@dave_bug: Thanks this made the offer good enough.


@ikisat: Maybe some people will auto upvote anything that says "free", without even looking at what it is? That's my guess.


@banai: That's my guess since it's still going up in votes despite the entire thread posting content being about how it's blatantly false advertising and is really just a bad bogo...

Step 1: Buy shirt at full price.
Step 2: Wait for shirt to arrive.
Step 3: Take photo in shirt including face in photo.
Step 4: Send photo.
Step 5: Wait for coupon code.
Step 6: Use coupon code to purchase a second shirt of equal value.
Step 7: Wait for shirt to arrive.
Step 8: Use "free" shirt as a handkerchief while you cry in the corner because some random company just sold your photo to hundreds of advertisers who can use your photo in absolutely any manner they want to without your permission because you sold the rights to it for 50% off a t-shirt.