dealskitchenaid classic plus 4.5-qt. stand mixer for…


Waaait... what? $183.99 + $3.25 - $30 = $127.24?

I do have a mild hangover, but still... I only come up with $157.24


+$30 Kohl's cash- in other words they also give you an additional $30 to spend in he store. 157-30=127


If you have a Kohl's charge card, use the promo code SAVEBIG30 and you can bring the price down to $134.24 with the rebate. Then you get $30 in Kohl's cash to spend later, and it brings it down to $104.24! In for one!


Just to be nitpicky.. Kohl's cash does NOT bring the price down, you just get to buy more stuff.


Use Ebates and get an additional 6% cash back.


This is a lesser model than the Artisan model everyone wants. The motor is only 275 watts. The other ones much more powerful. Not to say it's not a good mixer, but don't think you're getting the top-of-line mixer.


I ordered one of these mixers and LOVE it! I paid $174 and some odd cents but got 2 $30.00 rebate to use at for $114 I have one of these mixers!!! I would be going to Kohls anyway