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For people who are tired of having neon colored plastic air-soft beads in their gutters, flowerbeds, grass, and well everywhere really.


Does this toy stop working whenever they work on their servers?


*Requires constant internet connection.


Another one of those things I have absolutely no use for, but just HAVE to have! Thanks Woot!, for feeding my addiction of collecting useless, yet intriguing, crap.


New DRM, deadly response mechanism. You are going to have to sign a bunch of legal waivers.


Another glowing review:

Dammit... I'd have to be in for 2 to make this worth it... so hard to resist...


@wormburnr: That's why I buy biodegradable.


Pretty cool. I remember when laser tag was just becoming popular :)


Anyone know where you can get extra gun sets for this? I can't find anything online anywhere. I'm wondering if they are closing out this product.


I would love to have this.. but I would never convince my friends to purchase it, and sadly, 2 people is not enough for an epic game of battle tag.


There is a T-Blaster expansion pack, but, sadly, I can not find where to purchase. Dell has it on there website, but no price or way to put it in your cart.



here is the t blaster....

You can buy the t blaster on the ubi soft site under shop..129.99


@ouijan: Best bet is to purchase extra sets from the same link. Ubisoft's own website only sells the kit, and on ebay everything is more expensive than this deal. If nothing else, you can keep the base stations as backup.


@docterz: didn't find it on the Ubisoft website. Just the starter pack.

Battle Tag

@williamt1980: I agree. Everywhere else is more expensive. Buy more of this one if you want more guns.


I am way too tempted to buy this. I somehow don't think that would be a wise use of my money though.


Reasons why purchasing laser gear is better than paintball:
1) Much cheaper and more convenient.
2) You can play anywhere. Yes your own houses and yards. But also gyms, campuses, public parks, woods, city spaces, parking lots, vacant buildings, etc. Basically, unless you're very stupid about it, the worst consequence is that someone will politely ask you to leave.
3) Because you control the rules, the equipment, and the place-- you determine the pace and strategic elements of the game. So you don't have to worry about there not being enough speed/stealth/running/flanking/aiming
4) Because it's more casual, the game is less ruled by obsessive jerks. Girls might even play with you.


@crinttae: Chances are, if you own these, you don't know any girls.

In for three.


I just bought 2 of these for my sons 9 birthday. He is gonna love it and me as well. Fun times ahead!! If I had the money I would get three, but we can at least team up against the neighbor kids :)