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My favorite part of Starbucks every year.... Makes amazing gifts for the Holidays... Also you can go in as many times a day as you want, they don't mind!


Careful for those who travel outside USA - even Canadian Starbucks do NOT honor this promotion. I was thrilled to buy this last year and traveled all of January and got about 3 cups of coffee (these are grande sized) in the month - for $30 prepaid. :-(


If you don't want to spend the $30 check your local Starbucks beginning around January 10th. This year I bought one of the these for $10-12 with over half the month of January remaining.


I bought this as a gift for my brother-in-law last year. It looks like a similar design. He appreciated but eventually he gave my wife back the tumbler because he had so many. It's one of the worst designs I've ever seen. The stopper hits your nose when you drink from it. The seal also wore out leaving condensation inside the plastic. This was after hand washing. We ended up tossing it.

I may buy it this year for the coffee but I'll be using my contigo to drink it.


Is this good for any coffee or just regular?


@petapumkin: Regular coffee. If you are asking if it's good for latte's/etc. That was a separate deal on BF only I think.


@leebo: They sell an "espresso" drink tumbler its $75 though, BF deal was $10 off of it


Use Promo code STNPWEKD to save 10% ($3).


Some stores still have the Espresso beverage refill tumblers for $75 (includes a grande espresso beverage every day). They are sold out online.


@petapumkin, @leebo & @intensesupernova:
Yes, the BF deal was the best. I picked up the espresso drink tumber for one grande espresso drink a day at 58$ (after BF deal and adding the 10% off STNPWEKD) or around that price. Too bad you can't use that now if it's sold out online. If you are already getting something online the 10% off will help bring the cost for the coffee only one down some as well.

Side note: Know someone who got the coffee-only one that was offered last year, they ended up getting red-eye or black-eye coffees for free because there was some discrepancy on what was or was not covered with that deal... so it's possible if you get an extra shot or two in your coffee they might just comp it for free for you with the coffee-only mug.