dealsrocky: the undisputed collection [blu-ray] for…


Thanks for the listing! And...thanks for the earworm. :-/ (Make it go away now, please?)


@gmwhit: Eye of the Tiger or Rocky theme?

I've been rewatching these on Netflix--they have everything but Rocky Balboa. As a child of the 80s, I'm reliving my childhood through III and IV.


@curli76: Arrrgggghhhh! I don't know, nor want to know, the name of this earworm. IIRC, it's the one where he's running up the stairs. :-(

Going to go to youtube and find a replacement earworm now. Probably Gangnam Style - which is just as invasive...if not more so. I am doomed.


Yo Adrian! Super deal. I have the first 3 on DVD, and would have ignored this if not for the inclusion of #6. For $20, I can have the complete series in Blu (and just ignore #5). Thanks OP!


Rocky the Musical just had it's Debut in Germany


Wow! One heck of a deal. Plus I got an extra $10 off for signing up with the amazon store credit card that I will be closing immediately.


Just an FYI, some of these films are pretty old, so though these are blu ray, don't expect HD picture. But still...I have this set, and it's totally worth it.

As for the earworm comment above, I'm not sure if some say this in English, but I know that in German, earworm is what you say if when you've got a song stuck in your head.