dealslord of the rings: the motion picture trilogy…


Anyone know what the difference between this and the previous blu-ray releases is?


I have purchased the other one that was 9.86 a few weeks back and just checked the order on and when clicking on the link to the item it brought this page up.

So, right now that one is 29.99... Looks like 3 individual cases unlike this one, it's only one case.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but these appear to be the theatrical releases. Personally, I could never go back after the extended editions. (Even at this price.) This is the set for the average movie watcher. The extended cuts add even more to already long movies. Many people may not like that. If you're a fan of the books or movies (or buying a gift for one) though, I'd definitely recommend holding off and getting the extended cuts.


@tazfreak294: looks like just the films, no extras, one case. great deal for the casual fan.


Yeah the theatrical editions are a joke. Pass.


@kuragari: so the whole movie sucks except the 30 minutes of added detail?


@mcjiver: No one said that. But once you've had a cupcake with frosting, you don't go back to unfrosted ones (insert another metaphor if you don't like this one).


No special features?! You mean I have to go without the 96 hours of additional footage?!
4 bucks a movie is a great deal, extended or.not.


@fredwallace18: I think you would still enjoy the cupcake without frosting, if the price was right.


@fredwallace18: The word you're looking for is muffin.


I got them when they were 9.86 with the hobbit ticket.

I was disappointed that it wasn't extended as well.

My plan is to try and sell them on craigslist for 20 bucks, keep the hobbit ticket.

Win win.


Always thought Gandalf would be a great spokesperson for DulcoLax..."You....Shall.....PASSSSSS!!!"


@pigtool: Along with the burning dragon of hemorrhoids with that spicy burrito shall pass.


Let's squeeze this franchise for every penny. Waiting for the 50th box set that will come out with "The Hobbit".


@fredwallace18: Exactly. Once you go black you never go back?


So this deal actually went through. I just got by shipped and tracking email. Looks like it will be at my door in about a week. Awesomesauce


Still waiting on shipment here..."Your order is being processed. It is estimated to arrive between Thursday, 12/06/2012 and Monday, 12/10/2012"


Got mine last Friday. Couldn't have spent $10 better.