dealshurt locker [blu-ray] for $7.88


Entertaining movie but widely panned by military professionals for many glaring technical and procedural inaccuracies. After reading the details of the many terrible mistakes made (yet won an Oscar for Best Picture?) I cannot re-watch the movie, which is the whole point of owning a copy of the movie.


There's a great sequel to this film titled The Squirt Locker. Except in that film, they try to make things explode instead.


this movie was horrible and way over hyped and not deserve 1 award!
No I did not say because I dont like war or american soldiers for which I am in favor of.


the reason why I think the movie sucks is because the writing was horrible oh the lack of character development oh yeah their was none!

the smoke grenade at the beginning why did he do that at all during the rest of the movie?

the scene when they go chase the bombers in the night and they all separate which I think portrays soldiers as being stupid. their is a reason why they protocols, procedures and train constantly so you dont make dumb decisions like they did in that scene. The excuse jeremy renner character says "they are laughing at us now", how does he know why couldnt the bombers be saying well this worked that didnt lets try this next time.

just to list a few things I found wrong with the movie.


@jussairish: I agree with you for the most part of the movie being entertaining. I am not a soldier but I could not get past mistakes made in the movie.


good deal and tempting but not sure if I want to give money to "Voltage Pictures, the studio behind 2009's The Hurt Locker, is suing almost 25,000 BitTorrent users who allegedly illegally downloaded the flick. "


Oscar for Best Picture?
Over Avatar?

Very funny!